Information & Services for British Expats & Non-UK Residents

People emigrate for a variety of reasons. Perhaps they are looking to enjoy their retirement in a relaxed environment, in a nicer climate than back home; it could be that expats have moved in order to pursue employment prospects, whether moving to be a specialist needed in a particular country or to live in the hub of their occupation; some move for personal reasons, looking for a chance for a new life. understand there are many services that British Expats will require whether they are emigrating and starting a new life, working abroad temporarily or even repatriating back to the UK. We aim to bring you access to a wide range of services through our partner companies.

Our focus areas include financial services, health & general insurance, property investments, pensions and other specialist services where Expats have been exposed to, for example, mis-selling of financial products in areas such as personal payment protection (PPI) or Self Invest Personal Pension (SIPP) which are common in the UK and on mis-sold Spanish floor clause mortgages. We have specialist partner firms that can help guide and claim through standard channels or litigation to help you claim compensation if you are a victim of financial misselling.

Below is a selection of services we can provide to UK Expats and Non-resident UK Citizens.

Mortgages for UK Expats

Do you require an Expat Mortgage to purchase a UK residential, buy to let property or an Expatriate Remortgage to replace an existing mortgage and lender? If you have or are thinking of acquiring a UK investment property, perhaps as part of your pension planning, then can help.

Expat Mortgages

If you are an expat buying property in the UK whilst living or working overseas, our mortgage team can help find the right mortgage for you. Make an enquiry now.

Buy to Let Mortgages

The criteria for obtaining a buy to let mortgage differ from lender to lender. Read our guide to requirements in order to have access to the most competitive rates.

Bridging & Secured Loans

Secured or bridging loans for expatriates are becoming quite a popular option to release equity from a existing propertly a lot quicker than the traditional mortgage.

For the complete range of expat mortgages & secured lending options we can help with please click here.

Other Financial Services for UK Expats

Expat Pension Services

British pensioners living in Europe may face a drop in their incomes unless a post-Brexit deal on personal pensions is secured. At our partners specialise in helping expats with any type of pension enquiry.

Expat Investment Services

International investment is investing via a wide range of potential strategies, to capitalise on advantages offered outside your home country.At our partners specialise in helping expats with investments.

Expat Wealth Management

Being an expat can often add an additional layer of complexity and confusion to your finances. At our partners specialise in helping expats with their wealth management planning.

Worldwide Health Insurance for UK Expats

Private Health and Medical care abroad can often be expensive and difficult to arrange, especially during an emergency. However, with the right international healthcare policy in place you can have comprehensive and instant cover, with 24-hour support and no hospital restrictions. The correct international health insurance give you peace of mind and increases confidence in your life overseas. For more information read our healthcare country guides.

Healthcare in Australia

If you’re living or moving to Australia, our health guide will provide you with the information to make an informed decision & get a online quote.

Healthcare in Canada

If you’re living or moving to Canada, our health guide will provide you with the information to make an informed decision & get a online quote.

Healthcare in Spain

If you’re living or moving to Spain, read our health guide will provide you with the information to make an informed decision & get a online quote.

Read all our other Expat healthcare country guides and to get an instant expat health insurance quote

Expat Legal Services

At we understand the frustration that expats have when legal problems arise and they are far from home. Having easy access to first class lawyers who can handle a very wide range of legal services at very affordable and often fixed price costs, is a great boon. Whether its conveyancing for property or business purchase, settling family disputes, will writing, employment issues, personal injury claims or immigration and asylum seeking, our partner lawyers are just a few clicks away. These services are also available to UK residents.

Immigration & Asylum

Immigration can be very complicated and difficulties may arise if you don’t have the right advice from the outset. partner lawyers are expert in these types of matters and are always available to help you. If you are having difficulties with immigration matters then please simply complete the enquiry form.

Residential Conveyancing

At we know that property ownership and how it is handled from a legal perspective is very important to our expat clients and therefore we have taken steps to ensure that our legal partner firms are all conversant with dealing with expats and work to the highest professional standards.

Will, Trusts & Probates can help you by introducing you to specialist solicitors experienced in this field. Making a will is something everyone should do no matter your age as no one can ever be sure of what lies around the corner.


Read all our other Expat legal services guides.

Insurance Services for UK Expats

Having proper insurance protection is important for you and your family to ensure their future security during difficult times. UK expatriates should therefor find it very beneficial to have such easy access to the wide range of insurance products that are now available. You will find information on many different types of insurance products that are available from products that will protect your UK property to products that will protect your life or disablement should you suffer a critical illness in the future. These services are also available to UK residents.

Life Insurance

If you are an Expats with dependents, a global life insurance policy should feature in your plans for relocation. Our life insurance guide provides more information.

Landlord Insurance

Whether you’re an expat or just working overseas temporarily. We can help find Landlord Insurance which covers your rented property back in the UK.

Home Insurance

One of the biggest decisions you need to make when moving abroad for work is whether to rent your house out, or to leave it empty until you return.

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Other services we can provide for Expats:

Expat pension plannning | Expat Investments & Savings | Expat Wealth Management | Mis-sold Financial Claims